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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wow! Urvashiamma ! Wow!

God & I by Urvashi

Birds, insects are sent by God to watch over us

My mother inculcated the love for God in my mind. She told me that all beautiful things in nature are reincarnation of God. My mother said to me that birds, flowers, plants and even little insects have been sent by God to watch us and they report back to Him about our actions. From that day, I was under the impression that all birds, insects and flowers have supernatural power to meet God.

This belief got strengthened by a small incident, which happened in my school. There was a girl Remadevi in my class who used to bully me.

Once, on the way to the school, I saw a beautiful dragonfly with golden wings sitting atop a flower. I started whispering to the dragonfly about Remadevi’s tantrums. That very day, Remadevi had not done her homework and was thrashed by the teacher.

I felt the dragonfly might have told God about her bullying habits and God punished her through the teacher. But I was sad to see Remadevi crying and tried to console her by giving her all my pudding. She was a changed person after that incident and we ended up becoming good friends. The dragonfly with the golden wings used to come in my dreams whenever I faced any setbacks in life. But now I do not get to see it anymore. It could be the innocence of my childhood which attracted the dragonfly towards me. The dragonfly of today might be trying to forget me. The dragonfly of tomorrow may forget me. But the dragonfly of yesteryears always loved me.

Urvashi is a South Indian actor. She has won a National Award.

Worthy of a Paulo Coelho This story is so in character with the effervescent intelligence that I felt in Mundhanai Mudichu - despite Bhaaghyaraj's best efforts.

Sad,I could not Google a proper photograph of this lovely lady.

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