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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Danny Boyle In Pahargunj, New Delhi

First the large head. Then the strange (non BBC) accent. Finally the mild rant about the alleged loutishness of certain Germans. This was the same guy I had met in Main Bazar, Pahargunj.

Not the "Taal'year.

In my mind, the year I met Danny Boyle in Pahargunj was more likely the "Raja Hindustani" year.

"Pardesi, Pardesi, Jaana Nahin" "Foreigner, Foreigner, Don't Go" was the incessant wailing of the globalisation anthem that rakes my mind, when I think of the grungy, ponytailed Danny,who introduced himself as a teacher from "England" and his lovely, lithe companion, who seemed young enough to be his student. "Tu..."went my Hyderabadi voice,"Maa Ka Lauda..bhaga ke leke laya" .

I ought to be shot, I know. But this is, if you have to know, how some of us Hyderabadis engage emotionally,with those who awe us with their incredible good fortune.

Danny seemed to be commonsensical about his Indian experience. But the young lady was certain "Indian men" exhibited a peculiar national trait. They loved to feel up women whenever they got a chance. The young lady had had her "boms" rubbed raw everytime she travelled in the DTC buses.

I gently suggested that maybe the young lady ought to take a deep breath and get real. The population density put a huge pressure on space.I had experienced the occasional jostle from man, woman and animal - from a buffalo doing a sinous hip movement, that sent me flying across the street.

If you sought a yin India, you might find it. If you sought a yang India you might find that too. And of course depending on our karmas we each got our share of yin yang India.

The young lady was very disappointed with my zen for backpackers. Danny and the young lady disappeared without a goodbye.

But probably a year later, I met the young lady again. This time she had returned from the atrocities of Bosnia and not in a very good mood. I thought she would have a fulfilling career reporting on wars and calamities - another Christiane Amanpour from England.

Have not watched Slumdog yet. But this is K Hariharans view.

I am certainly thrilled for Shri Boyle's brilliant karma and would love to hear from him.

The young spitfire who accompanied him may have chilled by now.

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