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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Take Out... The IPL

India is united and strong against terrorism, right? We are resilient and ceramic skinned and will just keeping marching on and on and on, like nothing ever happened, right?

So why the sudden shakes about the IPL?

Its "politics" of course. The polite Indian's synonym for madness. The comfort blanket word that he uses to assure himself that no matter what,he knows what's what.

The Home Minister is a suave and articulate man. An alumnus of Harvard. So presumably he knows a thing or two about keeping a perspective and a proportion.

He talks about India's "cerebral" foreign policy and "coercive" diplomacy.

I will be second to none in my admiration for anybody who seems keen to usher in some cerebrality into our public affairs, but this sounds suspiciously like old fashioned coerciveness - isn't it time you and me had a little chat, Mr Modi - on the itty bitty IPL.

And let me say this as a proud Indian, where Stanford has collapsed and absconded, I kinda feel just a teensy weensy bit obligated to protect the IPL from anybody's nazar.

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