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Friday, May 29, 2009

Microsoft Bing ! Haunted By Google !

I love Microsoft.

These guys have so many accidents on the road to the bank, thay can be forgiven if they have begun to believe that God invented the Second Law Of Thermodynamics just to make the 60 billion dollar Redmond, Washington software giant look like The Little Train That Could !

We now have news that Microsoft will be blowing a big packet on a cute, cuddly search engine, shopaholics will love it, they say, called Bing. to compete with the only game in town - Google.

Cute name, right? Friendly enough to make shopaholics beg?

But It's Not Google !

If Steve Ballmer is reading, a word of advice from a well wisher, break a truck of coconuts for Ganesa, go around the Navagrihas seven times, light lamps with sesame oil, adopt a black dog for Shani Bhagavan, trek up the seven hills for an appointment with Balaji and your entropy issues will be gone!

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