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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Express Good. Repress Bad.

Grown ups do not shy away from discussing so called "unpleasant" issues. They know it is critical to express, unhealthy to repress. There is no saintliness in abandoning important issues. Problems need to be gathered, pondered over, a consciousness created and understanding arrived at.

Esteemed readers may be interested to know that Jon Vogel and Deepak Chopra as also have found my comments worthy of inclusion. Eric R Danton heard me.

This is important because India's lugubrious editorial class, makes it a point to mutilate and distort my already severely restricted comments or not publish them at all. Bachi Karkaria and Anand Soondas as also The Indian Express have published the following comment:

divakarssathya says: June 19, 2009 at 02:42 PM IST

It has been well documented that rape is an act of domination and humiliation. So is corruption. Corruption is domination and humiliation of the very idea of the rule of law. So,In India today, where the systems of delivery of justice are in a frightfully derelict state, mutual consent is a mutual delusion. The Chief Information Commissioner who has systematically violated the RTI Act 2005 is no less psychotic, is no less heinous and an infinitely larger menace than an individual running amok.Shockingly,the Indian Press remains clueless and starry eyed. Welcome to Shiney Ahuja Versus The Chief Information Commissioner Of India Read about how our sycophantic press treats high officials with kid gloves and rose tinted prose.

I have put these esteemed newspapers on the scent. Let's see what they come up with.

Extraordinarily, The Vatican appears to mirror my views on Michael Jackson.

However, I leave it to esteemed readers to opine whether, tongue in cheek is exactly the most appropriate tone of voice when mourning the passing of a tortured angel.

Vatican daily proclaims Michael Jackson immortal - for his fans

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