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Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Normality" Vs Consciousness

The Radical Ms Laidlaw

What about this other bit of management folklore that appears to be reborn with every generation - that the first impression , allegedly made in less time than a blink of an eye, allegedly percolates deep down and takes possession of the recipient's subconscious and continues even without their knowledge to rule their relationship with the recipient forever and more ?

Till date, I have not had anybody call this kind of nano second management by its real name - Prejudice!

Consciousness, self awareness, resisting the impulse to "label", "brand", "pigeonhole" life to some fanciful and usually self serving idea of "normal", delighting in the wonder of the search and of discovery, these are ancient and radical - as in seminal NOT extremist - ideas that help us get real.

Ms Laidlaw emphasizes them with the conviction of personal experience.


Personal Branding vs. Self-Awareness
Georgina Laidlaw writes for

Monday, July 13, 2009

Art 377 & India's GloboHomos

The sudden fuss and flurry about decriminalising homosexuality in India, reinforces the suspicion that contemporary Indian society may be a "boneless" wonder.

Very rarely does India allow itself acknowledge its problems and find solutions for them.

The case for decriminalizing homosexuality is unexceptionable and the mild questioning and narrow focus of the Delhi High Court's verdict is a passing breeze for the protection of personal liberties in this "secular country".

But why did it take so long ?

"Modern" India has to wait, generations, for a movement to suffer, sacrifice and develop in the West, acquire respectability, big funding and political clout , and only then will it offer itself as a franchisee for the idea.

Once all the right connections are established, the task of "modernisation" will be taken to some chosen among the babulog kay bablog, the courts will suddenly be possessed by a trailblazing zeal and India will have "modernised'.

A dread of lumpen religiosity and a consequent lack of a matter of factness about sex has kept Indians mired in agony and disease.

Ignorance and shame about sex has stunted more Indian lives than so called alternate sexual practices ever can.

The "Argumentative Indian" maybe a Nobel prize winning, bon vivant's vision of India.

But India's narcissistic elites prefer "shyness" and "modesty" in the face of disease and dementia.

BTW, in the light of recent events,

can we dare hope that the media will break its strange silence on the Skybus ?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

India's Musical Salaam To Michael Jackson

Farewell Michael ! There were others before you -
John Lennon,
Elvis Presley
Charles Chaplin,
"Fatty" Roscoe Arbuckle,
Jerry Lee Lewis - martyrs to "maturity".

Thanks for not having been too "grown up".

It was enough that you helped make people the world over, sing, dance and be happy.

And to make a whole bunch of "grown ups" a whole lot of money.