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Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Normality" Vs Consciousness

The Radical Ms Laidlaw

What about this other bit of management folklore that appears to be reborn with every generation - that the first impression , allegedly made in less time than a blink of an eye, allegedly percolates deep down and takes possession of the recipient's subconscious and continues even without their knowledge to rule their relationship with the recipient forever and more ?

Till date, I have not had anybody call this kind of nano second management by its real name - Prejudice!

Consciousness, self awareness, resisting the impulse to "label", "brand", "pigeonhole" life to some fanciful and usually self serving idea of "normal", delighting in the wonder of the search and of discovery, these are ancient and radical - as in seminal NOT extremist - ideas that help us get real.

Ms Laidlaw emphasizes them with the conviction of personal experience.


Personal Branding vs. Self-Awareness
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