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Thursday, November 12, 2009

R K Anand - First Greenshoot of Congress Revival

What's the difference between Western News and our news ? Simple. Western news is almost irretrievably Westcentric. Even when Western corruption is discussed, the watchful mind can see the shimmering halo, hear the fluttering wings.

Smugness, "see we can discuss our dirty linen, can you ?," not outrage is the droning undertone.

Out news is eccentric.

In keeping with the national obsession for submission/domination, we believe not merely in unfairness and disproportion, but in its brazen, outrageous display.

Not only must injustice be done. It must be seen to be done. Not only must injustice be seen to be done. It must be reported and rationalised by the idiot savants of our ruling class on national television.

Yes. I am in a foul mood.

Because I saw the disgraced lawyer R K Anand appear on two networks, CNN IBN and Times Now, to pronounce his jurisprudential wisdom on the disgusting Manu Sharma out on parole matter.

If anybody wanted a dipstick survey of the brimming insanity of India's insular, idiotic ruling class - here it was - on full display !

I googled RK Anand and found this little bit on The Telegraph.

Behind the curtain

Now for some news from poll-bound Jharkhand. The Congress, it appears, has struck a deal with Babulal Marandi of the Jharkhand Vikas Morcha. The credit for the pact should go to that old hand, RK Anand, and not to leaders such as Keshav Rao and Mukul Wasnik who are officially in charge of the polls in the state. Before the polls, the Congress, the grapevine has it, conducted a survey, which showed that the poll prospects of the party will suffer if it tied up with tainted politicians such as Shibu Soren. Taking the cue from the results, Anand got into the act and helped forge ties with Marandi who has a cleaner image to improve the Congress’s chances in Jharkhand. Anand must be hoping that the service rendered will improve his own chances of a raise in the pecking order as well.

The rehab appearance of RK Anand as a pundit of the Indian ruling class's idea of the rule of law,on two national news channels (maybe more ?) is not an accident.

It is another tender, "green shoot" of the rejuvenation of the India National Congress.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Faffing through the clutter

You create something for your little one. It works. It works so well, that your little one has taken it, used it and one day, you are watching tv and Amitabh Bachchan is using it.

Faff. It is a word, a space that you created, out of the forge of your intense concern and caring, to make it easy and playful for that tender and frail and effervescent, bundle of feelings and fears to talk to you. With whom you just had to connect.

So you would faff about school and teachers and friends, the little one sitting on your knee, or on a chair arm, but with your arm around it.

The little one may not hear you, but it could not have any doubt that you were there. The little one, whether it liked it or not, was not alone.

She took faff to school and then to hostel, to another school and then to college.

One day says," We just don't faff anymore Appa" .

Wow! you're thinking, so appa did get through to that bundle, through the voices on tv, through her ever expanding gaggle of friends and peers, your faff cut through the clutter.

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