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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Faffing through the clutter

You create something for your little one. It works. It works so well, that your little one has taken it, used it and one day, you are watching tv and Amitabh Bachchan is using it.

Faff. It is a word, a space that you created, out of the forge of your intense concern and caring, to make it easy and playful for that tender and frail and effervescent, bundle of feelings and fears to talk to you. With whom you just had to connect.

So you would faff about school and teachers and friends, the little one sitting on your knee, or on a chair arm, but with your arm around it.

The little one may not hear you, but it could not have any doubt that you were there. The little one, whether it liked it or not, was not alone.

She took faff to school and then to hostel, to another school and then to college.

One day says," We just don't faff anymore Appa" .

Wow! you're thinking, so appa did get through to that bundle, through the voices on tv, through her ever expanding gaggle of friends and peers, your faff cut through the clutter.

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