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Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Grinches That Would Ruin Deepavali.

And they'll feast, feast, feast, feast. They'll eat their Who-Pudding and rare Who-Roast Beast. But there's something I just cannot stand in least. - How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Every year, since at least three decades, the lovely, pre winter season of the Deepavali , triggers an astonishing allergic reaction in the ruling classes of India.

India’s gorgeous, splendid, Deepavali festival appears to cause, in her corrupt and conniving ruling classes, a furious and unstoppable itch to civilize the rest of us brown folk.

This itch manifests itself as a crusade against the bursting of crackers in the Deepavali season.

So the festive season is marred by a fusillade of hatemongering reports in the media that would pound Indians into believing that the fabulous festival of Deepavali  - a festival of prosperity, is hazardous to their health.

The media drums a hysteria to welcome Deepavali. 

"Hospitals ready to tackle burn cases on Diwali"

Animals and pets cower and presumably escape into India’s scanty forests.

There is no doubt that crackers “pollute”.
The best crackers go off with a bang and emit smoke.

If you set off a cracker without due care and respect it might blow your eardrums or eyes or fingers off.

But the same applies – exponentially - to the masses of motorized private vehicles that clog the arteries of a globalizing India.

India’s corrupt ruling classes supinely accept this contagion of private transport as a harbinger of impending superpowerdom.

China does not.

If the sustained energy that goes into the corrupt and destroy Deepavali media crusades are directed towards plugging the “leakages” in India’s meager health allocation, Indians might be a little better nourished and less diseased.

Do you know that India is among the few countries that continues to live in denial of the horrors of asbestos ?

India’s ruling class media rarely stirs itself to crusade against the well documented evils of  fast food and fizzy drinks.

What about the deadly, unchecked adulteration of milk, the chemical ripening of  fruit and vegetables?

Has India’s corrupt, ruling class media knocked  any of these ghastly hazards off the  list ?

I understand that in some regions of India owls continue to be hunted.  I have tweeted this to the attention of India’s editorial class. Not a single story this Deepavali.

So this is the pattern I see.

Quiet and impotent against many of the massive and very real hazards to the deep, traditional health practises of Indians, India’s parasitical ruling classes work relentlessly to make Deepavali, a sacrificial lamb to it's itch to do something, anything, as long as it is not the right thing.
And it is for such egregious eccentricities, that India’s ruling classes and its media is perceived as a burden, an embarrassment  and a toxic hazard, in and of itself.

To India’s ruling class grinches, I say, “You did not make it. So please do not break it. And please, say Deepavali.*’

"Divali" is gibberish and a corruption of a lovely, ancient Samskrutam word, Deepavali.

Even "In Europe, there are only a few languages that use W in native words" - - and the 'W" sound does not appear in Indian languages.

"Diwali" is colonial gibberish.

So, please, say Deepavali.

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